Four Waco TX Restaurants That Just Might Get Your Attention

Looking at a list of Waco TX restaurants, I smiled noticing the first two that I was going to talk about. They seem like really unique places to enjoy a meal. It’s always fun looking for new adventures, and you get to find some great food when you visit the places I’m about to bring to the table. Here they are, four top restaurants in Waco, Texas.

Bubba’s 33 is first up, and the address is 2601 Interstate 35. It appears the place is lit up like a Fuddruckers at night, and just wait until you hear about the menu. First, it’s a sports bar type restaurant, so it looks like I made the right call about the Fuddruckers reference. You can enjoy a salmon salad, shotgun shrimp, pizza, an Aloha burger and more, all while watching the game. People say in the reviews that this dining establishment off of I 35 features great food and a great atmosphere to boot.

Clay Pot is up next, and it just sounds interesting, don’t you think? What are you going to find there? You’re talking about delicious pho, chicken curry, spring rolls and so much more. The Vietnamese restaurant looks quite lovely from the outside, too, with very bright colors. This hidden gem is said to actually be on the main drag, located at 416 Franklin Avenue.

How about a great pick for some Texas barbecue? I’ve introduced you to other great places to grab barbecue in Waco, too, if you have read the other articles about restaurants in the city. Jasper’s Barbecue is another top pick, and its location is 105 Clifton Street. How does all you can eat ribs sound? Okay, so this barbecue joint might have just taken the cake. If you want to enjoy the all you can eat ribs, you have to show up on Wednesday.

Cajun Craft is a rather unique place to eat, too. Its location is 601 South 11th Street, and the catfish po boy is one of the menu favorites. You can also order up cajun fries, hush puppies, red beans and rice and much more. There are also Asian dishes on the menu, and reviews mention fried chicken as well.

That’s another round of Waco TX restaurants in the books. Here’s to a great meal as you and your family prepare to dine out in the city. Is one of these restaurants going to make the cut?

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